About Us

TPB was started its activity in 1989 with the execution of pavements and screeds, projected plaster and other civil construction works. In 2000 it reinforced its structure with the hiring of specialized technical staff and the acquisition of high-tech equipment, specializing exclusively, in 2002, in the execution and application of industrial and urban concrete floors.

TPB gave rise to a group of companies specialized in concrete floors - Grupo TPB - which today is the market leader in this sector in the Iberian Peninsula.

The experience in the European and African markets, combined with the organizational, technical and financial capacity, allow TPB to apply concrete floors to works of any size and with different degrees of demand, anywhere in the world.

The internationalization of TPB technology has been a reality for over two decades, having started with SOLEI BUILDING, in Spain, followed by the establishment of JRP MAROC SARL and  SARL TPB FRANCE, in Morocco and France, respectively. 


Quality assurance   Satisfaction   Safety

TPB's mission is based on the execution and application of industrial and urban concrete floors, with the guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction, respecting safety, environment and social responsibility criteria.


Quality   Satisfaction   Environment

TPB aims to maintain its position as a leader in the Iberian market, increasingly investing in technological innovation and highly qualified teams, creating value for the concrete flooring business.


Trust   Seriousness   Professionalism   Competence

TPB shares the values of trust, seriousness, professionalism, competence and quality that mark the journey of the Grupo TPB.

It is in respect for these values and principles of of know-how and way of being that the Grupo TPB has created a culture that allows it to overcome increasingly demanding challenges.



TPB has high technology equipment, namely automatic spreaders that allow a homogeneous application of the dry shake hardener even in large-scale works, and equipment with high technical performance, which allows the execution and application of concrete floors quickly and efficiently. The capacity to create industrial floors in a large panel without joints can thus reach 2,500 m² / day.

The careful investment in a selection of products, especially the dry shake hardeners produced by JRP, a strategic partner of the Grupo TPB, the establishment of 

agreements with leading companies in the international

market, such as consultants and suppliers of metal fibers and equipment, combined with knowledge applicationtechnician, allow TPB to obtain industrial and urban flooring with high performance, durability, resistance to shock and wear, meeting the high standards of demand of its customers.

In the constant search for excellence, TPB considers the choice of its partners as one of the critical success factors. TPB's strategy truly asserts itself in the satisfaction of those with whom it works, cooperating with its growth and achieving full success in its projects.


TPB has a Technical Department that develops complete solutions according to the specific requirements of each floor, proposing technical advice from the design to the realization and delivery of industrial and urban floors:

- Base preparation

- Installation and design of construction and retraction joints

- Floor sizing with incorporation of fibers

- Study and supply of the best concrete solution

- Incorporation of dry shake hardener

- Surface polishing

- Concrete floors curing

- Floor control

Seeking to improve itself more and more, in works of great technical demand TPB requires consultancy and control by an external entity recognized worldwide. This monitoring presupposes, among others, the performance of compaction tests, level control, tests on concrete and altimetry and planimetry control.